Benefits of a Free Forex Demo Account and Which Brokers Offer Them

by | Dec 22, 2014 | Business

If you are interested in learning about Forex trading and brokers, then you should consider a free demo account with the broker of your choice. There are many brokers who offer a free demo account because they want you to get used to their services and options. Once you are used to them and interested, then they would expect you to want to trade with them and continue on.

Benefits of a Free Forex Demo Account

In most cases, the broker website allows the same features in their demo version as they do a real one so that you get truly honest results while using the demo option. During your free demo, you can practice your trading skills using real and functioning trading software, real rates, professional charts, true news and other necessary tools. This allows you to get the full experience first and then start trading real money.

Each Forex broker is different, though similar, meaning that each platform and way of doing things is different. With the demo account, you learn about the platform and market through the demo and can be better informed when actually trading.

Make sure to use and understand all of the tools available from that broker before the free demo ends.

Another benefit is that you will understand the Forex market a little better while practicing. Since the market is volatile, you need to understand the different flows and why things happen the way they do. This is only learned through practice, which is hard for many to do with their own money.

Problems without a Demo

If you don’t receive a demo account to learn, you will be trading real money immediately without knowing anything about the broker, the platform or how to use the tools properly. Most of the time, the tools provided are necessary to get the best experience.

Therefore, if you are new to the Forex trading world, it is best to find a broker that provides a free demo first. After you learn more about the market and the tools required, you can then start to branch out to other brokers that do not offer a free demo.

Many brokers offer a free demo and currently there are 63 brokers that offer the demo account. Pay close attention to the platforms used and the minimum deposits required, and understand that most are rated.

Consider a free Forex demo account before jumping right in with trading and markets through brokers.a

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