Basic Guide to Wearing Contact Lenses

by | Jan 15, 2016 | Eye Care Center

First time to wear contact lenses? Or maybe you’re thinking about getting one? WebMD has a number of helpful tips when it comes to wearing your lenses the right way:

* Toss or reuse? If you have the disposable kind, the ones designed to be tossed after a single wear, then don’t feel bad about tossing them, even if they look like they’re still good for a few more rounds. Using them more than once can give you an eye infection. Better be safe than sorry in this case.
* Handling your contacts. Remember to dry your hands with a lint-free towel. Need to put on some moisturizer? Make sure you slip your contacts in place before you touch anything oily. These could get into your lenses if you aren’t careful.
* Putting them on. Always start with the same eye. That way, you won’t mix up the left and right contact lenses.
* Taking them out. Before you try to remove your lenses, remember to thoroughly wash and dry your hands first. When that’s done, gently pull down your lower lid and try to move the lens to the white section of your eye, off the iris. If you’ve got a gas-permeable lens, then just open your eyes wide, pull the skin the near your eye to the direction of your ear, and wait until the lens pops out. Be ready to catch it when it does.
* Cleaning your lenses. Always consult your eye doctor before you pick out a solution. Don’t just choose any multipurpose solution, unless it’s been approved by your eye doctor.
* Don’t use water. If you run out of cleaning solution, don’t use water. And never use saliva to put some moisture into your contacts before you slip them into place. Water has microbes that could leave your eyes infected.
* Clean your case too. Keep your case protected from bacteria too by cleaning it every night. Any simple cleaning solution will work. Just wipe the area with it and let it dry out to get rid of any bacteria before you put your contacts back in.

So if you think you’re ready to wear contact lenses, then make sure you have these pointers imprinted on your memory. Make sure you consult an eye doctor before you buy a pair, especially if you need it to correct your eye sight. If you’re in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the Grand Rapids Ophthalmology is a convenient choice.

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