Avoiding the Most Common Mistakes in Trade Show Display

by | Jul 30, 2018 | Rental Exhibits

Your trade show booth is your greatest asset in the world of networking on the cooperate scene. Don’t let your brand be guilty of these common missteps. Read on to see the most frequently made mistakes in event display planning and execution and how to avoid committing these offenses.

Too Big

Making your display too large can make it difficult for your visitors to take in the whole picture. Find a booth size that fits your budget and all your design needs. You don’t want a booth that is so large it looks empty. That will deter visitors.

Too Small

Just as it can be detrimental to make your display too large, choosing a tiny exhibit will lack the impact you need to make your brand’s display memorable. A good exhibit should consist of at least some backdrops, banners or other non-table display items, and either be a 10×20, 20’x20′ booth, or larger if needed. Use these guidelines to get the right dimensions and the best possible display.

No Focus

While it’s great to have multiple, exciting elements woven into your overall display, choosing too many colors, images, and other visual elements without making them cohesive can serve more as a distraction than an effective display. Consult your display design professional about how to balance all the elements of your exhibit’s design.

Untrained Staff

Your visitors will inevitably have questions or want more information about the goods and services you’re advertising. Make sure every staff member that works your booth is as knowledgeable as you are to meet that demand for information.

Unprepared Display Areas

Trade shows typically last several days. If you’re planning on being present more than one of those days – and you really should – then you’ll need to prepare your display every day and restock handouts or reposition display elements as needed. This will ensure that every person who walks by your exhibit will have the same, great experience!

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