Avo Cigars Offer Fine Tobacco and Unparalleled Flavor

Those familiar with Avo cigars are probably also familiar with the American-Armenian jazz pianist/cigar manufacturer Avo Uvezian, who created and started manufacturing the cigars. It is reported that Uvezian tried a Cuban cigar once and realized that it was a wonderful cigar, but too highly priced to suit his needs. Therefore, he and a friend decided to make their own so Uvezian went to the Dominican Republic and searched for a production facility. After about two years, he met Hendrik Kelner and offered to go into business with him after trying some of Kelner’s samples. Since then, they have been creating and manufacturing cigars of dazzling flavor.


For those seeking a high-quality smoke, look no further than Avo cigars. They are smooth and flavorful, which allow smokers to enjoy every inch of their cigar. Because quality is of utmost importance for this brand, Dominican tobacco is used and you will almost be able to feel yourself on a tropical vacation with aromatic fields and warm breezes when lighting this wonderfully made cigar.


Avo creator Uvezian wanted to ensure an original full package when smoking his cigars, which is why the cigar is original and hand-made. However, even the boxes and tins used to hold the cigars are classic, yet original, because he believed everything should be perfect, both the cigar itself and the box holding it.


Quality made cigars will cost more than other brands and it is important to understand this when comparing prices. While many people enjoy less expensive options, occasionally it is important to step up your cigar smoke and enjoy something made of prime ingredients. Therefore, you will likely spend about $7.00 per Avo cigar. However, when considering the cost of other “high-quality” brands, this price is not so high. While some people cannot afford to purchase a full box of 10 or 25 at a time, almost everyone can afford to have one or two a month.


There are many Avo cigar types, including Robusto Tubos and the XO varieties. XO varieties come in Allegro, Intermezzo, Intermezzo Tubos, Maestoso, Maestoso Tubos, Notturno, Notturno Tubos, Preludio, Preludio Tubos and Presto.

Classic options include Corona and Puritos, while Domaine offers No. 10, No. 20, No. 30, No. 50 and No. 60, along with Domaine Puritos. There are also Maduro and other options available to you.


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