Are you planning to get a home cleaning service?

by | Sep 23, 2016 | Restoration and Cleaning

For many families life is go-go-go; hoping from work to shopping to getting the kids to the dentist on time and much more. Somewhere in there the house has to be cleaned. If you are looking for ways that will allow you to utilize your time better and yet still have enough left over to actually enjoy life a little then hiring home cleaning services in NYC area is a great place to start.

There are two people involved in this decision; you and the person that is assigned to keep your home clean and tidy. Both of you deserve to be happy with the results. If you are hiring a cleaning service for the first time there are a few things that the cleaner needs if she is going to do the job to your satisfaction.

  • Time: It is unreasonable to expect your cleaning lady to do her job in half the time that you could do it yourself. Give her enough time to do the job right, do it to your satisfaction. It is unfair for you to rush her and then turn around and complain to the agency she works for.

  • Cleaning supplies: Although some home cleaning services in NYC provide cleaning supplies, there are some people who would prefer to use products they are happy with. If you like to provide the supplies then make sure you don’t forget to buy them. Your house cleaner needs to know where the supplies are kept and where you want them to be used.

  • Say thanks: Nothing works better at building rapport than a simple “thank you.” If your house cleaner arrived on time, did a great job and made you happy the only thing she would like to hear is an acknowledgement that her work is appreciated. Even if you’re not home when she leaves, it is so simple to send a quick text or give her a call.

When you decide to hire home cleaning services in NYC an open line of communication makes it better for you and her. When everyone is on the same wave-length, there is no misunderstanding and little room for dissatisfaction.

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