All Your Property Management Needs In One Place With Appfolio

As an investor, a landlord, or a property manager, having access to information on all your properties and renters when and where you need it is a real benefit, which is why Appfolio is such an important software solution. This is particularly true for larger real estate investors and property managers with diverse properties in multiple locations.

Appfolio is a web-based system, and it builds in the accounting side of property management with the actual ability to market and manage current buildings and properties. Instead of using several ad hoc types of applications and software everything is fully integrated, minimizing data entry needs and streamlining the process.

The Features of Appfolio

For property managers, the features of Appfolio include all the billing and contract management systems you need. Online lease agreements are instantly available as are records of online rent payments.

The system will also keep track of any upcoming renewals needed and will send automatic notices to all required parties. You will also be able to track your applicant screening process and keep a database of potential clients for upcoming vacancies in the properties you manage.

The system also allows you to generate one advertisement or listing for a vacancy, and it will automatically upload to the websites and online systems you designate.

The Time-Saving Features

Once you start using Appfolio, you will be amazed at the time it saves. If you do have an applicant for one of your online property vacancies, the system will allow online applications, and then process a background check. This can be done virtually in minutes after the application is submitted.

If you approve the application Appfolio automatically transfers the information to your customized lease agreement or renter’s agreement, and it can even be provided online for the customer’s signature.

Additionally, the software will accept all types of payments through the system. This means that your rent and lease amounts can be paid through the Appfolio system with credit cards, e-checks, and electronic cash payment. This is a free service with the software, and each customer will have a unique login and password for protection.

With Appfolio, it is easy to have a very professional looking property management system without having to run multiple different programs and services. You have the option to customize features, and with the customer service offered by the company getting support is very easy.

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