All about Scrap Metal Recycling

Scrap metal is produced as a byproduct of industrial and commercial processes. Since they are discarded by industries and manufacturing operations, these metals are purchased at very low prices by other companies. Waste management companies generally purchase scrap metal in order to recycle it and use it for general manufacturing purposes again. Over the past couple of decades, a number of movements have been focused on recycling. In certain cities such as San Francisco, there are separate waste bins, one for recycling, one for discarding and one for compost materials. The secondary metals industry has blossomed over the past two decades just because governments have introduced new laws regarding the management of scrap metal.

Scrap metal recycling is now a major industry. There are many companies that mainly deal in the purchase and recycling of scrap metal. These secondary metals are recycled and then reused in order to create new metal-based products. After the material has been recycled, it is then sold to other manufacturing industries. However, before scrap metal is bought by companies, many factors need to be considered. Here are a few important things:

Is the Metal Pure?

The purity of the metal matters a lot. If the metal is impure, it needs to be refined properly. The costs of refinement vary depending upon the level of impurity. This affects the potential for profit as well. Furthermore, some companies don’t buy impure metals. The true dollar value of the metal must also be considered before purchasing the metal.

The Costs of Transport and Collection

Scrap metal recycling companies also consider the costs of transportation and collection. Ideally, factories don’t spend money on waste by-products. Scrap metal is sold as it is. It is up to the recycling company to pay for the costs of transportation and collection. An agreement is made with the recycling company about the collection and transportation of waste. If the company does not provide a delivery service, it is up to the recycling company to collect the metal.

The metal is usually transported in large containers. The material is weighed and graded before it is purchased so that an estimate of the price can be made. If you have ever been to a recycling yard, you may have seen a bunch of metallic products. From copper wires to vehicle frames, all types of metal are collected in the yard.

The metal is then crushed and melted before being reshaped and reused. Most recycling companies provide a wide range of different services. They take on waste removal contracts in order to remove all scrap metal from a particular location. They also provide extensive hauling services and certified destruction services too.

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