Advantages of Using Tape that is Water Soluble

by | Jul 5, 2017 | Business

When working on projects, it is important to have the right tools for the job. The wrong equipment can lead to mistakes being made that can risk the chance of damage occurring to the product you are working on. A risk that you cannot take when working on delicate circuit boards that can be ruined easily if not protected. A water soluble tape can provide insulation that you require while wave soldering to prevent damage occurring while assembling circuit boards together. If the right care is not taken, it can lead to high-cost in products that are not usable that can financially harm the company.

Reasons to Use the Right Tape

  • Water soluble tape is designed with a poly-vinyl alcohol backing that can be removed with a water solution.
  • The tape does not leave behind any adhesive residue after being removed that can interfere in how the circuit board operates.
  • They are designed so humidity will not interfere with the tapes ability to stay attached to the board.
  • The tape is designed with a low static charge release to prevent the circuit board from being damaged by an electrical charge caused by static.
  • The tape can withstand a heat index of 149 degrees Celsius temperature while the circuit board is being soldered.

Affordable and Durable Heat Resistant Tape

From automotive to electronics, a variety of industries require high-quality tape that can stand up to the range of temperatures they are exposed to. We offer our customers a range of tapes to help meet their needs. Whether you require tape to help insulate motors or to protect the gold fingers on circuit boards, Polyimide Tape is the tape to help successfully produce and assemble a range of quality products for you.

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