A Guide for a Perfect Wood Flooring Refinishing

A natural hardwood floor is arguably the most practical and durable flooring you could have. However, just like everything else, the protective finish of your hardwood floor is bound to wear off, especially in the high traffic areas. At such a time, it is essential that you consider refinishing your wood flooring. In fact, application of a new modern finish may actually render your hardwood floor much easier to maintain than when it was first installed.

Wood flooring refinishing will serve to breathe new life into your old, dull hardwood floors. The initial step towards achieving brighter wood flooring is determining whether the boards can comfortably endure the process. In the event the boards are buckled, warped, soggy, soft or saggy, you may want to replace them. If they are simply dull but otherwise solid, then they are perfect candidates for flooring refinishing.

The most challenging task in the whole process is sanding the floors. Employ a drum Sandler with 20-36 grit sandpaper for buffing up the floor; do it gently as the machine might scuff your floor. Once the sander has been positioned, walk along the grain of the hardwood, from wall to the other, while making 2 passes over each row. Ensure that the sander doesn’t sit in one spot for even a second; keep moving. Repeat the procedure with medium and fine grit sandpaper consecutively.

After sanding, there will be dust all over the room. Clean up all the dust using a shop vac. Next, stain the floor while ensuring that the room is well ventilated. Finally, apply about three coats of sealant and allow three hours to dry before you can add another coat. Leave it for about three days before placing your furniture.

However, it is not easy to tackle the task of refinishing a hardwood floor; anyone who has ever attempted it will tell you that it can be extremely messy. It is highly recommended that you bring in a hardwood flooring specialist to do the job. They will have sufficient knowledge and experience, coupled with the proper equipment to give your floor a high-quality finish. Contact New York Wood Flooring for top quality Wood Flooring Refinishing, leaving your floor as good as new.

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