6 Must Ask Questions When Interviewing Financial Advisors In MA

by | Nov 17, 2014 | Financial Services

A critical part of selecting a financial advisor is asking the right question during the interview process. Most people do not ask the right questions when interviewing Financial Advisors in MA. Instead, they are wooed by flashy signs, sleek adverts, fancy décor and impressive titles. Choosing the wrong financial advisor can lead to financial losses and a number of other consequences. This is why those flashy signs and smooth marketing campaigns should be the least of your concerns when searching for quality financial advisors. Firms will give their employees fancy titles and use emotionally provocative ads in order to attract their customers.

By checking financial advisors backgrounds, credentials, philosophies, experience and fees you can quickly find the less professional advisors simplifying the decision-making process. There are many important qualifiers of a professional financial advisor is their level of experience. Those who have been serving their clients financial needs properly help their clients achieve their financial goals. Make sure you look at the advisors length of experience in the business. This is because the length of financial services means nothing because a financial advisor may have 20 years of experience which could include years of doing something completely unrelated to serving clients financial needs.

In order to find the top financial advisors you should ask the following questions:

1. How long have you been working directly with clients as a financial advisor?
2. How long have you been consistently creating financial plans or recommending investment or insurance products to clients to help them achieve their financial goals?
3. Where did you learn to diagnose, manage, and resolve client’s financial problems?
4. How long did you spend training as an advisor and where?
5. What firms have you worked for as a financial advisor?
6. Have you written financial plans for clients?

Those six questions will give you a better chance of finding professional financial advisor. If they struggle to give direct answers then you should take them off your list. Financial advisors should be your most trusted partners since they can greatly affect your future and well being. Many have found them left stranded because of picking the wrong person.

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