5 Ways Your Firm Can Get Diversity Right

Don’t let diversity be an empty word in your team. Here’s how your company can do it right.

Start with commitment

Diversity and inclusion can save you money and help you boost your bottom line—but only when you do right. That means no gimmicks or cheap tricks. If it comes off inauthentic or disingenuous in any way, you’ll be worse off than when you started. That’s why commitment is a must. It all starts from there.

Confront biases

People have unconscious biases. We all do. But it’s possible to change that. Understand where your employees are coming from. Don’t set out to punish anyone, though. That could potentially result in friction and resentment in your team. Instead, take steps to identify and address biases in your organization and how it affects your operations.

Start a program

Initiate a diversity program to help improve communication, cultural awareness, gender issues and conflict resolutions, among other things, the Houston Chronicle says. That’s one step to embracing a bias-free culture and workplace.

Hire professionals

Going about diversity and inclusion education in the wrong way will backfire on you. Hire professionals for diversity training instead if you have no clue what you’re doing. Look for a consulting firm that offers these services. Specialists in diversity and inclusion education will know best how to identify biases in your organization and help eliminate any behaviors, viewpoints or perceptions that encourage and enable biases at work.

Ask questions

Before you hire a diversity training expert, know what’s going to be included in the program. Ask questions. Find out what kind of training is best for your team. Do you want something intensive that’s going to run for a few days or just enough for a one-day session? Ask questions and work together with your consultant to find the best solutions for your team.

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