5 Ways to Help You Pick a Manufacturer for Your Company

Selecting a corrugated boxes manufacturer can be a daunting task. Here are top tips to guide your hiring choices.

Hire based on reputation

When you look for a manufacturing team, choose one that holds an excellent reputation in the field. That’s a good measure of how reliable and competent a company is.

Consider other clients

A corrugated boxes manufacturer that provides solutions for clients across different fields can be the right partner. However, if the manufacturer specializes in only a particular industry and that’s not the industry your company belongs to, then your needs may be better served by checking out other options.

Skip the lowest quote

Don’t pick a manufacturer based solely on a quote. Look beyond quotes to the quality of the company’s products and service levels, the Industry Week says. Those factors matter too. When you pick a manufacturer, remember that cost isn’t everything.

Consider communication

Do you find it easy to get in touch with your contractor? Do days go by before you get an answer to your text, call or email? That’s not an ideal business arrangement. In contract manufacturing, quick and easy communication is crucial. For instance, if you have revisions to your order, you’re going to need to convey those changes to your manufacturing partner as soon as possible. If the manufacturer isn’t responsive, then that’s going to lead to delays.

Prevent delays

Delays cost you money. That’s why it’s picking a manufacturer that sticks to the deadline as much as possible is a must. That doesn’t mean you’re not going to deal with the occasional delay or glitch. Those things happen and are a normal part of doing business. What’s more important, though, is finding a manufacturer that has the skill and willingness to help you work through those glitches if and when they happen.

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