5 Pointers When You Shop for 55 Gallon Drums

by | Oct 13, 2017 | Business

When you’re working with 55 gal drums, here are a few essential tips you should know:

Use color coding

These drums are available in a range of colors. That’s handy since you can easily make use of color-coding measures to ensure staff knows what drums best fit their applications or project. That should improve organization and operational efficiency in your company.

Always inspect

Ensure you always observe proper procedure for handling 55 gal drums, depending on what’s inside the containers. That means visually inspecting the drums to find out about the contents. Make sure you look for symbols, words or marks that could indicate if you’re working with radioactive, explosive or corrosive materials, OSHA says. Other hazardous contents also include toxic or flammable materials.

Know the signs

Know and identify signs that mean your drums are no longer fit to be used. If you see any signs that the containers are leaking or if portions of the drums have deteriorated, you might need to shop for new ones. Bulging in containers is another sign that you might need to replace those containers as soon as possible. Otherwise, this could derail delivery and transport results.

Plan carefully

One way to minimize or eliminate risks and accidents at work is to carefully plan every step of the operation. With a plan that factors in proper drum handling guidelines along with the specific contents of the drums, you and your crew will have no problems with the transport or delivery of hazardous materials.

Choose the right kind

When you work with hazardous materials, you might want to ensure you buy the right drum types to prevent any leaks or hazards. There is special drum types ideal for every material out there. Do your research to find out which ones suit your needs the most.

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