4 Signs of a Used Truck Dealer You Should Avoid

by | Apr 26, 2017 | Business

Engine failures account for a small percentage of truck accidents. If you’re buying a used rig, make sure you get one in good shape. There are quite a few scamming dealers that could get the best of you during this process, which should be enjoyable. Here’s how to tell if you’re dealing with unreliable used truck dealers in Miami.

Extensive Loan Terms

Some dealers stretch your payments over an excessively long period before telling you the affordability (or lack thereof) of the loan. They tell you to focus on the monthly payment. However, if you end up paying for a loan for over 84 months, you only end up shelling out more for interest. Honest dealers would tell you the price of the vehicle instead of giving you monthly payment estimates instead.

Low-Balling Your Trade-In

Many unscrupulous dealers would try to lower the price of your trade-in. They will say that the upholstery is really outdated or needs work, poke any visible dents and scratches and basically make you believe your vehicle is nothing more than a heap. Honest used truck dealers in Miami would simply negotiate with you based on the price without giving you a low-ball offer. It also helps if you already know have an offer for the vehicle before you go to a dealership.

Too Good to be True Deals

Some dealers advertise low offers. However, when you get to the dealership, you’ll find out the offer is only available for two or three rigs. You will also need to have great credit to be eligible for those terms, says Cheat Sheet.

Upgrades and Interest Rates

Don’t hesitate to ask about those upgrades. Some dealers would try to pad those fees by throwing in unnecessary upgrades so check for those bogus additions and extra fees. Some might try to charge you higher interest rates. Fix your financing or call ahead to get the rate before you step into the dealership.

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