What is a Kinase Inhibitor?

by | Jul 13, 2016 | Business

A protein kinase inhibitor is a type of inhibitor that has the ability to block the action caused by protein kinases. Kinases create a group of phosphates to protein which is a process that is called phosphorylation, which has the ability to turn the protein off or on and can impact the level of function and activity.

A protein kinase inhibitor can be divided into several groups depending on the type of amino acid inside of the protein when the phosphate is added to it in order to create the phosphorylation of that specific amino acid. Kinases act only on threonine and serine, but tyrosine kinase has the tendency to only act on kinases made with dual specificity. Some of these protein inhibitors can also phosphorylate with different amino acids much like histidine kinases that also work well with those types of residues.

Phosphorylation is an essential step in the growth of some inflammatory disorders and cancers, which makes the inhibition of those enzymes that trigger this phosphorylation, a key component to treating such brutal diseases. The tyrosine kinase inhibitor can be used as a therapy for individuals who suffer from leukemia.

This is also being used in clinical trials for different types of kidney diseases. The good news is that most of these trials have proven to play an essential role when it comes to stopped the spread of many different types of cancer. Tyrosine kinase inhibitors provide an amazing and specifically targeted therapy when it comes to fighting various types of cancer.

Kinase inhibitor drugs play a vital role in stopping the spread of cancer and numerous other diseases and conditions. American Custom Chemicals Corporation helps to provide options for pharmaceutical companies so that these chemicals can be obtained. Visit their website to learn more about these products.

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