Using a Multi-Layer Foil Gas Sampling Bag

by | Nov 28, 2017 | Business

Having the right gas sampling tools is critical to performing a sampling job as quickly and productively as possible. Sometimes samples can be taken directly from the air, such as in mines. However, there are occasions when having a gas sampling bag is better for the job. Multi-layer foil gas sampling bags are excellent for testing a small sample of the air in specific working conditions.

Fermentation Areas

Fermented food is more popular than the general population may think. When fermentation is considered, most people only think of alcoholic beverages, but there are many other types of consumables that are fermented. Soy sauce, hot pepper sauce, pickled fruits are all items that are fermented, most of the time in large bunches. While the fermentation process is happening, gas samples must be taken from the fermentation area to make sure that the air in the environment is not negatively affecting the food product or the employees who are in charge of maintaining the fermentation area. Multi-layer foil gas sampling bags are perfect for testing fermentation cellars.

Carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide

Testing for carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide in the workplace is extremely important to maintain the safety of employees and comply with employment law. Multi-layer foil gas sampling bags create a more stable environment for some gasses in comparison to other gas sampling bags. This stability makes them ideal for testing for carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide for indoor or outdoor gas sampling. These bags also have several options of valve combinations so that a sample remains completely intact between collection and testing.

Sampling directly, without using a gas sampling bag, is a practice that many samplers are familiar with. However, using a gas sampling bag can produce clearer results. Multi-layer foil gas sampling bags are an excellent option for may gasses which would otherwise be unstable in typical gas sampling bags.

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