Tips for Designing Business Cards in Fullerton

by | Oct 28, 2015 | Digital Printing

Starting a new business venture means spending money on materials that aid in reaching prospective clients. Even with all the resources online today, traditional methods like Business Cards in Fullerton are still important. Here are some points to ponder when coming up with the ideal design for those cards.

Choosing the Card Stock

A good place to begin is choosing the right type of card stock for those business cards in Fullerton area. Standard stock is fine in many cases, but it will not help the card stand out from the pack. A trick that many professionals know is to invest in a heavier stock and go with a finish that is a little more substantial. This helps the card to feel different from most other options. That also makes it easier to find when the customer is looking for the card with the intention of calling for more information.

Easy to Read

One school of thought is to load the business card with all sorts of cute images and catch phrases. While that certainly helps to make the card amusing, it does little to allow the recipient to read the contact details found on the card. Keep the cute stuff to a minimum and make sure elements like the company name, contact information, and the name of the person passing out the card are prominently displayed. Doing so will mean recipients do not have to reach for their glasses simply to read the phone number and make a call.

Thinking About Different Shapes

Conventional wisdom dictates a business card must be rectangular in shape. Keep in mind that another way to help the card stand out is to do something a little different. How about a card that happens to be round? Maybe a square card would be worth looking into. Even a rectangular card with rounded edges is worth considering. As long as the card will still fit into a standard holder, feel free to have some fun with the shape.

For anyone who is thinking about new Business Cards, talk with a printer about the possibilities. It will not take long to come up with something that represents the company and the individual very well.

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