Tips For Choosing A Plating Company

by | Apr 10, 2015 | Business

When you need parts plated for the automotive industry or other specialized industries, working with a top quality plating company is an important consideration. After all, if the plating isn’t done correctly or blisters it is going to be the manufacturer of the part, not the plating company, dealing with the end users.

To avoid these problems there are some signs to look for to determine the quality of customer service and products you can expect from any plating company. Once the research is completed it will be easy to narrow down choices to a few and then zero in on the right company for the specific project or as an ongoing plating provider.

Experience and Specialization

One of the most important considerations when selecting a plating company is evaluating the experience and expertise the company offers. There are many companies offering plating, but a top company with years in the electroplating field is going to have advantages.

Not only will the team have the ability to ensure any project can be completed on schedule and within specifications, but they are also more effective at evaluating possible issues and proactively planning to avoid delays in processing the order.


Not all plating company projects will require specific certification. On the other hand a company with multiple certifications including ISO/TS 16949, CQl-11, GMW4700 Approval and GM3044 Approval as well as ROHA Compliance shows the quality expectations of the company.

Services Offered

There are several other unique services offered by a top plating company which easily set them apart from the competition. Some companies, but not all, have their own trucking fleets, allowing ease in coordinating transportation of all orders. This helps to reduce the number of individual contracts associated with the project and reduce possible time delays in logistical coordination.

In addition a top plating company strives to have 100% on time delivery. A top company will be able to provide information on the number of consecutive years they have achieved this goal. A very few have an on-time delivery record of 100% extending over a decade, which is definitely something to consider.

When selecting a plating company for any job take the time to do some research. Read the company website and follow-up with a phone call to discuss the specifics of the current order. This will help you to evaluate the customer service and experience of the company before making a final decision.

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