Steel Strap Manufacturers Must Meet Mandates of Government Suppliers

by | Nov 10, 2015 | Business

Governmental facilities that are seeking metal strapping must choose a product that meets strapping requirements in accordance with ASTM Spec D3953. Government suppliers of this type of grade steel offer the strapping in one of a variety of grades, including popular selections, such as organic (Finish A) and galvanized (Finish B) products.

Strapping Manufacturing

In order to make this type of product, a manufacturer has to be well-versed in the production of strapping products, tools, seals, and affiliated items. Anyone who needs metal strapping tools should go to a manufacturer and distributor who are experienced in the making of straps for various applications. Whatever the industry, most businesses will need stainless steel strapping or galvanized steel strapping at one time or another.

An Overview of How Steel Straps Are Designed and Used

Steel is the oldest type of strapping used in packaging or shipments. The strapping is provided in one of various thicknesses and widths as well as grades of steel. Steel is used, as you might guess, for heavy-duty holding where minimal stretch and a high amount of resiliency are needed.

The surface finishes for a steel strap include paint and wax, paint, zinc, bluing or wax. Wax is employed for better transmission of the tension around a bundle as well as for utilization with specific kinds of tensioners. Usual applications can include bundles of metal, steel coils, baling wire, pavers, bricks, or roll end-bindings.

In-House Development

Most of the steel straps produced and distributed by government suppliers are made in the USA. Manufacturers ensure a premium grade by purchasing prime steel materials through mills in the U.S. Rigid specifications must be met in making strapping for both industry and the government. By sourcing domestic steel, manufacturers can use any funding toward in-house research studies and development, thereby making it possible for them to continue to make top-grade strapping products.

U.S. manufacturers of strapping products perform all the steps of the production process, including galvanization. This process includes inspection of the steel strapping for overall quality, making sure that customers receive the best product for their money. Optimal performance is assured as well as affordability. As previously indicated, strapping manufacturing must fall into compliance with governmental regulations.

While steel strapping is used in various applications, many companies focus on sign and signal mounting. This type of banding system can save the customer money in one of four ways:

  1. Straps are used instead of more expensive brackets and clamps.
  2. Time for mounting a signal or sign is cut by as much as 70%.
  3. Steel strapping never needs painting.
  4. Any sign or signal can be established with strapping on any shape or size of a post or on a tree.

As you can see, strapping is as useful as it is economical. Look at your options online today. For more information visit Independent Metal Strap.

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