Signs your Portable Fan is Broken

by | Jun 12, 2018 | Cooling System

Portable fans are a wonderful tool, with a variety of everyday uses for the man/woman on the go: as a convenient stroller fan, as an extra fan in the car on a long and hot car trip, or just as a nice way to keep cool on a jog. But what about when it gets broken? They’re easy enough to fix, if you look up how to do so, but how do you tell if it’s broken at all? Fortunately, this is the easiest part, as there aren’t many ways for these machines to break, and it’s rather obvious to tell. As this article shall now demonstrate.

#1. Trouble starting/won’t start at all

If your portable fan is broken, this is the most obvious tip off. The most effective way for a fan to break is for the fan part to not live up to its duties. This will be noticed by you as soon as you turn it on, as the fan blades move slower, sputter as they try to get up to their designated speed, or just not turn on at all. Now, it’s important to make sure that your fan has been fully charged before use, or that it has current batteries, as that could be the reason it’s not working. However, if that isn’t the case, then there’s probably something wrong with the internal battery itself.

#2. You dropped/threw it at something

Depending on the brand, these are not durable machines. They usually can withstand little more than a good, firm throw at the nearest solid object before being reduced to a big plastic paperweight. While they can be repaired, quite easily in fact (it’s usually just a case of something being knocked loose that you or a trained professional can just put back in) its still a hassle, so you should be more careful when carrying these machines, because they can break pretty easily.

#3. You spilled water on it

Accident happen, and like most electronics, portable fans are not big fans of water. So it’s best to keep your portable fan away from things like water, coffee, soda etc. as a large enough spill can seriously mess up your portable fan. And the worst part of it is that, if it’s bad enough, you won’t be able to fix it, without a much more expensive overhaul.

With all this in mind, if you don’t even have a portable fan or stroller fan, but want one of great quality, look up the fans at Cool on the Go.

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