Seeking Advice from an Attorney in Rockwall, TX

by | Mar 3, 2015 | Lawyers

There are all sorts of situations that call for seeking counsel from an Attorney in Rockwall, TX. Doing so will go a long way toward avoiding issues that could prove problematic later on. Here are a few examples of situations that call for seeking help from someone who can provide sound advice and help the client achieve the desired end.

Getting Started with Estate Planning

Everyone has some type of estate, even if it is nothing more than a stamp collection and a little money in the bank. In order to make sure all personal belongings and assets are passed on to the right people, it pays to speak with an Attorney in Rockwall, TX about estate planning. An attorney can begin with the creation of a last will and testament, and move on to documents like medical powers of attorney and setting up trust funds for the children. In less time than many people realize, it is possible to make sure that the wishes of the client will be followed to the letter once he or she passes away.

Launching a New Business Venture

The prospect of starting a new business is exciting, but it does call for making some preparations. That includes the creation of documents like articles of incorporation, incorporating the business, and trademarking any company names and logos. Since these processes can get complicated, it pays to work with an attorney to make sure everything is done in order and in full compliance with applicable laws. You should contact The Law Office of Tim Hartley to find out more.

Buying a New Home

There is no doubt that the help of an attorney is important when buying a new piece of real estate. The attorney can check the terms of the sales contract and make sure everything is in order. That same attorney can also research the history of the property, and make sure there are no prior claims that could cause problems later on. Once the attorney confirms that the property is not subject to any liens and that no prior owners could come back to lay claim to the property, it is safe to proceed with the purchase. For people who need help with any type of legal matter, it pays to contact the Law Office of Tim Hartley. After a consultation, it will be easy enough to settle on a course of action and ensure that the rights of the client are protected at all times. Visit their website at website name to learn more.

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