Key Indicators You Need Roofing Repair in Indianapolis, Indiana

All too often, roof problems are discovered after the damage has occurred. A good roofing contractor who works with residential and commercial roofing is in a position to help you determine whether your roof needs repair, or a full roof replacement is in order. Key signs you might need to call a professional Roofing Repair in Indianapolis Indiana, contractor include:

  • Attic Leaks – Rain that is blown by strong winds is more likely to find places to penetrate, whereas rain that falls straight down often will not penetrate a roof until the roof’s damage is well established. Water in the attic following blowing rain may be indicative of compromised flashing around the chimney, vents or areas where the roof and wall join.
  • Inspect the Shingles – First, look for warped, missing, or discolored shingles. Discolored shingles will have a “spotty” look to them due to losing their waterproof asphalt coating. Signs of water accumulation beneath the shingles, such as mildew, mold or algae, are indicators that the integrity of your roof has been compromised.
  • Condition of the Fascia and Sheathing – Look for signs of decay and, also, for any waves or ripples that may be present. These are signs that water has penetrated the shingles causing the substructure to swell.
  • Gutters – Inspect the gutters for rust, leaky seams, and those that are bent, sagging, or loosely attached to the structure. Clogged gutters that have been accumulating water can freeze, causing the water to expand. The water has nowhere to go but up onto the roof, under the shingles and, over time, into the attic and the rest of the house.
  • Interior Water Stains – Moisture rings or marks, brown, gray, or yellow stains, and peeling paint on walls and/or ceilings may indicate a damaged or leaking roof. Once the water penetrates to the interior of the home, you’re looking at interior as well as exterior repairs.

Contact Fort Wayne Roofing for your roofing repairs and annual inspections. When conducting a roof inspection, the roofing professional will check the integrity of the shingles, and look for curled, warped, or missing shingles. They will inspect for signs of insect or rodent infestation, check the gutters for accumulation of debris or damage, and check the flashing around the chimney and vents for cracks.

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