How to Research Foundation Companies in Houston TX

by | Jun 12, 2015 | Foundation Repair

Your foundation is the bedrock of your home. This structure stabilizes your home and helps keep water from deteriorating your home. Certain factors such as plumbing problems, poor soil conditions, and improper construction can lead to foundation problems. When this happens, it’s necessary to find the right services provider to fix the problem. Use the following tips to research Foundation Companies in Houston TX.

When you have not used the services of a foundation expert, get referrals from homeowners you trust such as friends, family, and neighbors. Find out as much as possible about the quality of workmanship and customer care each person received. Ask probing questions so you can choose two Foundation Companies in Houston TX to further check out. Select a foundation contractor with the company to investigate when checking on licensing.

Continue the hiring process by making an appointment to interview each service provider (foundation contractor). Here are a few questions to consider asking during the interview:

* How long have you been in business?

* Are you licensed, insured, and bonded?

* What procedures do you perform to work on foundations?

* Do you offer a warranty with your work?

Jot down answers to these questions so you can refer to them later. After the interview, the contractor should perform a thorough inspection of your foundation to give you an estimate. Watch the foundation expert do the inspection without getting in the way. Is the service provider communicative and informative? Does he appear to be making calculations? Observing an inspection will let you know how seriously a foundation expert takes his work.

It’s advisable to only hire a foundation contractor who is licensed in your state. Visit the website of your state’s professional licensing agency. Look for a license that is in food standing. Also, check on each foundation expert’s insurance. A service provider should at least have general liability and workers’ compensation. You could be held liable for an uninsured worker who is hurt while working on your home.

Getting information on foundation companies will allow you to find one with the qualifications to meet the specifications of your job. For more information on foundation problems and foundation services, please click here for more info. Knight Engineering Services can handle many foundation services for residential and commercial customers.

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