How to Design Your Own Water Bottle

Having your own water bottle is highly convenient if you are always on the go and even if you are busy around the house. Unfortunately, many people have become so accustomed to using non eco-friendly plastic water bottles, which will continue to have a negative impact on the environment in the years to come. Drinking from a glass water bottle is a more eco-friendly way to stay hydrated, from the workplace to the workout room. Today, it is even possible to design your own water bottle made out of glass.


A personalized glass bottle is ideal not only for your own personal use but also to give as a gift for birthdays or Christmas, for example. You can design a water bottle to reflect your own personality or that of the gift recipient, using various attractive designs available through a high quality company in the industry. A customized bottle can be used at home, in your office or any other place. It can even be used for your special events, where they can add class to any space.

Initial Steps

With help from the right company, you can create a bottle that is truly one-of-a-kind. First, you can choose the particular image you would like on your bottle. The company you select may offer a gallery of existing images from which to choose, or you may have the option of submitting your own chosen image to include on a bottle. You can take pleasure in the fact that the image will be your own and the bottle will be individually hand-crafted, so you will end up with a creation that is quite unique.

Additional Steps

After deciding on the perfect image for your bottle, you can select the text you want to appear on the glass bottle. For instance, you may wish to include a certain inspirational word, a definition of the image you chose earlier, a special occasion or even your name. In no time, you can design your own water bottle—one that accurately reflects your individuality and will impress both you and your co-workers, family members and friends alike.

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