How to Choose the Right Tent for Your Party

by | Mar 23, 2015 | Home Improvement

Spring and summer parties are always more fun when they’re held outside on a nice day. One of the biggest issues with planning an outdoor event is it can be difficult to predict the weather. It doesn’t take much in the way of wind, rain or direct sunlight and high temperatures to throw a damper on your party. Don’t let the potential for sporadic weather conditions to interfere with your enjoyment and party planning. Tents for parties are the fail safe solution to make your guests more comfortable come rain or shine.

Find the Right Size of Tent for Your Event and Group

The first step is to determine how many guests you are going to have at the party. You’ll want to have enough room to accommodate them all comfortably. Other considerations are how much room will be taken up (if any) for tables which will be used for food, seated eating areas and other activities. Once you figure out how you want your party area organized, you can more easily determine how large the tent for your party needs to be.

Choose the Most Appropriate Style

Tents for parties come in a slew of different styles, designs, and materials. Some are higher in the middle, others may be more flat, and there are also tents for parties which offer mesh or solid flaps that can be closed to shield guests and goods from bugs, windy rain and other weather conditions which may arise. If your party has a theme, you may want to choose the most ideal design or color to complement the other decor.

Where can you find high quality tents for parties?

Canopy Mart offers a wide assortment of tents which are appropriate for use in a variety of different settings depending upon the needs of the customer. Their traditional Eureka party tent, which measures 20 x 30 feet, is available in assorted colors. This classic style party tent is easily set up by just two people and offers affordable protection from the elements. It features a spacious design with plenty of room for tables, guests other items.

The Premiere Party Tent measures 40 X 60 feet and is ideal for large groups such as community sponsored events, tent revivals, large weddings and other big events. There is plenty of room for tables, booths, guests and a variety of different party amenities. Regardless of the size of your party, Canopy Mart has the perfect selection of tents for parties in the sizes, styles and colors which will best meet your needs.

Here are some advantages of buying a party tent.


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