Don’t Go To COurt Unprepared, Talk to a Criminal Defense Attorney

One of the most common mistakes in criminal cases is that the defendant makes the mistake of waiving their right to an attorney. Some of the defendants going to court without an attorney are innocent. Unfortunately, because they appear in court without the benefit of legal counsel they have almost no chance to win their case. This means that an innocent defendant will end up in jail because they thought they would have no problem proving their case. This common mistake can be avoided by simply talking to a Criminal Defense Attorney before appearing in court. The defendant needs to have a clear understanding of what the court is looking for in order to issue a sentence. What most defendants aren’t aware of is that the burden of proof is on the prosecution.

The defendant is innocent until proven guilty. That means that the prosecution must prove beyond a doubt that the accused is guilty of a crime. In most cases this is used to the advantage of the defendant. A Criminal Defense Attorney can help disprove the evidence the prosecution offers. This makes it easier for innocent defendants to prove that there is reasonable doubt that they are guilty. This method has been used successfully by many defendants in almost countless cases. Most defendants will find it very difficult to disprove the prosecution’s evidence without the help of an attorney. The sometimes confusing legal jargon and process can make it difficult for the average person to prove their case in court.

Lawyers such as James E. Hitchcock can help defendants prove that they are innocent either by establishing reasonable doubt, or any number of other defense strategies. There are many different ways to prove a case either way, but for the defendant only one result counts. Talking to a defense lawyer is the best course of action for anyone charged with a criminal offense. Even if the defendant is guilty they should talk to a lawyer. By working with the prosecution a defense attorney can help arrange a bargain that reduces the sentence or charges being filed. This means that even a guilty defendant can catch a break when it comes time to go to court.

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