Advice For First Truck Driving Jobs In Michigan

by | Jul 20, 2015 | Business

One of the most common questions students completing their CDL training or truckers with only a short time driving ask is how to find top truck driving jobs in Michigan. While some people in the industry like to say you have to work your way into the good jobs, there are great jobs for new drivers as well.

If you are looking for Truck Driving Jobs In Michigan, the first place to start is by going online and creating a list of trucking companies of interest. You may choose the company for your reasons, but considerations such as pay, perks, benefits, and bonuses all factor into the decision.

Once you have a few different companies you want to apply to for truck driving jobs in Michigan, the next step is in thinking about how your skills, and your truck driving experience, fits the need in that position. Even if you don’t specifically have a required certification or training, you can indicate you would be willing to complete training based on hiring, which may be what the company would offer.

Be Flexible

Hiring on to truck driving jobs in Michigan is a lot like your first few weeks and months in any job. As the “new hire” you will probably get the least desirable routes and may get more than what seems normal time is waiting for loads. You may also have irregular call outs or have to take routes that will cut into a scheduled home time.

While a top company will never require you to drive beyond the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration guidelines, or have you do anything unethical or unprofessional, you may be tested in your first few truck driving jobs in Michigan. This testing is often a factor of simply not understanding the reality of being a trucker, which is something you will adjust to with experience.

Ask Questions

If you are concerned about your time on the road or have questions about your first truck driving jobs in Michigan, talk to someone you trust. This could be a driver manager in the company, a trucker with experience or your trainer or mentor driver for your first few months on the job.

The truth is that first truck driving jobs in Michigan are not always the top routes, and you may not have the newest truck in the fleet. However, if you work at the job, learn all you can and ask questions to learn more you will gain the experience and knowledge you need to move forward in your career in a very short period.

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