4 Tips on Re-Entering the Dating Scene

Divorce shouldn’t put an end to your dating life. Thinking about getting back into the game? Here are 5 must-know tips to follow:

Make sure you’re ready

Some people date because they want to meet new people. Others date for fun. But are you dating to try to get over someone? If that’s the case, you might not be ready yet. Take steps to move on. When you’re ready, dating will be much easier. You’ll also enjoy it more, says the Huffington Post.

Get a bit of help

If it’s been years since you dated or if you never really excelled at it in the first place, then do yourself a favor: hire a matchmaking service and get the help you need. With a matchmaker, you won’t have to worry about navigating the dating pool blind. You’ll have someone to help you out, from picking out your matches to booking the best date venues in town.

Give it a chance

No instant attraction? Give it a chance. Sometimes, attraction doesn’t begin until you both open your mouths, start a conversation and find out that you both love ‘The X-Files,’ have the same name for your pets when you were kids or hate onions with a passion. Don’t be too hasty to dismiss your date. If you hired a reputable matchmaking agency, then know that your matchmakers would have done everything possible to match you up with someone you share more than a few common things with. Some friendships and marriages are founded on less so you and your date are already off to a good start.

Don’t compare

The best way to enjoy yourself is to remind yourself not to compare yourself to people around you. It’s not healthy. Instead, throw off the regrets and think positive. Be confident. That’s going to help draw your matches in for a second date or more.

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